Are you being looked over, talked over, passed over?

Is your female staff maximizing its Speak-tential? 


Have any of these happened to you?

  • You're passed over for that promotion you are perfectly qualified for.
  • You’re at a meeting, you have questions. You don’t ask them.
  • You're not making your sales/fundraising goals and you don't know why.
  • Your direct report is underperforming. You struggle over how to give feedback. The behaviour worsens. You get blamed.
  • You state your opinions. You're told you are “too assertive”
  • Your presentations produce more yawns than a Tylenol P.M.

What: Maximize Your Speak-tential

When: August, 9 -10 - 9am - 5pm

Where: The Private Norwood Club, NYC

Why: Because it's time to be HEARD!

When that call comes for you to take on a huge new client, present at an event, win a promotion or speak to the media, will you be ready?

Maximize your Speak-tential is a 2-day workshop designed to help smart, ambitious business women, blast through speaking and communication challenges and get the recognition they deserve! This activity packed experience will help women express themselves with ease, power and confidence - win more business, nail that promotion and increase their impact and influence. 

This bootcamp is designed to be an interactive, experiential, participatory event.  


Unlock confidence

Through a series of carefully crafted mindful exercises, learn how to position yourself as a thought leader and ways to skyrocket your confidence while stepping into the powerful presenter you were meant to be

Discover Your Unique Communication Style

Your uniqueness is powerful. Learn how to identify your communication style and how to effectively present and interact with other styles

Create Compelling Content

Craft a 90-second or less Intromercial (my special formula for the perfect introduction) that describes you and your special sauce. I'll also help you create outlines and formulas for basic presentations and interpersonal conversations guaranteed to engage any audience, big or small

Build Stronger Relationships

Focus and clarify your message so you connect with your audience and make a lasting impact. How you communicate your message can lead to a world of new opportunities and connections

The Power of Your Voice

Practice vocal exercises to help you command respect while speaking with confidence and charisma

Body Language 101

Practice and learn body language techniques to bring power to your presence

Climb The Corporate Ladder

Learn how to be assertive in meetings and conversations without coming off as bossy or aggressive

Get Feedback

Hear what others have to say. Brainstorm and practice your presentations/conversations and get peer and professional feedback

Here's what else you get...

  • Pre-event survey to help better tailor the workshop to fit your needs.
  • Pre-event worksheets to help you start digging into your brand story, uncover the juicy details of what makes you YOU 
  • Course workbook filled with prompts, exercises, outlines and formulas for creating engaging content for formal presentations, sales meetings, interviews, pitches and difficult conversations
  • Assessment tools (simplified DiSC and my ActorType assessment) to help you figure out your Communication Style and learn how to better present and interact with other styles.
  • A safe, nurturing environment to help you step into your greatness without judgement 
  • Special guests speakers sharing tips and techniques on mindfullness, meditation and more
  • Continental breakfast and healthy lunch in a gorgeous exclusive venue  

Pricing Options

Space is limited 


Price: $987  

Early Bird Special available until July 20: $799 

*Corporate & group discounts available

Think about it - For less than a pair of Manolo Blahniks you get two full days of incredible life skills, feedback, support and solid techniques that will sky-rocket your confidence and competency and won’t even hurt your feet. 

Experience what major companies pay me thousands to do!

I've done hundreds of full-day trainings for companies like Hewlett Packard, Spotify, PayPal, AXA Equiable, Con Edison, Lifetime TV and many more who pay thousands of dollars for me to teach their employess what I'm going to teach in this workshop. And I'm giving you a TWO day experience because I want to make sure you get even more value and make a major shift. This will not be your typical women's event.

I’ve grown so tired of going to events and sitting in my seat for hours on end listening to how other people do what I do. Or hearing good advice that I don’t ever implement once I get home. Other workshops will give you the skillset you need to speak effectively but this workshop will also work on your mindset and give you actionable tools to create a major shift. Imagine how much more you will be able to demand with the improved confidence, skills and mindset you’ll walk away with.

The power of your message and how you communicate can lead to a multitude of opportunities. Whether it’s gaining new clients, new job opportunities, creating awareness for your brand, or speaking at events and conferences, your message (and how you deliver it) is what drives your success.  

Speaking effectively is an art form that continuously evolves and nowadays women can’t afford to be weak communicators...

Who am I and why am I teaching this?  

I’m an author, speaker and communication skills consultant and thought leader having recently appeared on Good Morning America speaking about #metoo. I’ve successfully trained and coached thousands of business professionals from - Fortune 500 companies and brands, like Lifetime Television, Jones New York, AXA, UBS, Hewlett Packard - to non-profits and government agencies . Remarkable - considering my nickname growing up was literally “Shy.” See, I know a little something about having to learn to step into your power. Despite being shy, I’ve spent over 20 years as a professional actor appearing in TV commercials, episodic TV shows and the stage. And I’ve written for two daytime dramas. I am also a certified Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and continually study the brain science of communication. Because of my intimate awareness of what it’s like to be shy and introverted, I am determined to free others from whatever is holding them back.  

My study and knowledge of brain science enables me to share very specific scientific evidence and techniques to help you understand and shift the way you approach the “science” of communication. My acting and writing experiences have given me creative tools and techniques to help you develop the “art” of communication. You will also be learning from some of my equally talented and dedicated colleagues. Learning how to speak up and communicate changed my life and now I want to change yours!  

GUEST SPEAKER: Ayman Mukerji Househam is on a mission to create a mindful world by demystifying its biological benefits. I worked with Ayman to polish her TEDx talk and she rocked it. I

Ayman is a former Wall Street executive and long time meditator. She now teaches mindfulness to families, corporations and individuals. She is also a researcher of mindfulness physiology (or as the academics call it - “psychoneuroimmunology”!) Her recent scientific publications unravel how mindfulness practice changes our immune system, gut and even our genes! She wants the world to hear the science behind the buzzword. 

Ayman teaches mindfulness workshops at the Rubin Museum of Art, the Tibet House, to corporate clients and individuals. A clinical social worker in-training, Ayman combines Eastern meditation with Western therapeutic techniques. Ayman spends half of her time publishing several scientific papers to show the efficacy of mindfulness as an intervention. She is an active speaker on the topic. Ayman is an author of a book on the neural findings in autism spectrum disorder. She works with children diagnosed with autism and ADHD.  

What Others Say: “…Not only can she lead a group meditation of over 90 people in a theater, she has the scientific research to prove its effectiveness”

So... are you in?

“After years of delivering presentations as a former corporate executive, I learned specific techniques that dramatically improved my presentation style . As a result of her coaching, I successfully engaged potential investors at a recent networking conference that she helped me prepare for.” - Susan B., 

"[Robyn]… created a safe and comfortable space for me to be myself and hone my skills. I also learned a powerful structure for presenting my content that helps me draw in my audience and engage with them more effectively with a greater chance of getting my messages across. Quite simply, you make an awkward situation fun and enjoyable! - Dana G.

Robyn is a genius! In under 30 minutes, Robyn helped me craft an engaging pitch that clearly communicated what my product was and why people should be interested. I used her pitch at the event and got every media representative's attention. I've been using her suggested pitch ever since! - Jacqueline. S