SpeakTential Workshop Agenda

Friday, October 26th

9:00 am Light breakfast buffet and networking 

The Science of Communication

  • Introductions and Course Goals
  • Brain Science of Communication
  • Mindfulness Exercise - Led by Ayman Mukerji Househam 
  • Creating a Mindset for Success  

Guest Speaker - Ayman Mukerji Househam - Tedx Showcase  

Discovering and Building your Personal “Brand”/Purpose 

  • The What & Why of Personal Branding
  • Brand research - “networking” Exercise 
  • Actor Types - high level overview
  • Brand Bible Creation
  • Create a nuts/bolts of a Star Story


Sharing your brand 

  • 5 steps to creating an engaging Intromercial - ( “Elevator Pitch”)
  • Develop and practice your Intromercial in triads & record on your own device  

Executive & Leadership Presence

  • 3 V’s of communication/Presence
  • Body language and Vocal exercises
  • Watch recording of Intromercials with partner feedback 
  • Re-record Intromercial with added attention to presence
  • Hot Seat opportunities- share your Intromercials from stage w. feedback

Crafting a Signature Speech 

  • Signature speech Outline 
  • Signature Speech Showcase - Nnenna Lynch
  • Brainstorm Signature speech content 
  • Closing Day One • Key take-aways, wrap up  

Saturday, October 27

9:00am - Light breakfast served buffet  

Reflections from Day One

Promoting your brand at work and beyond

  • COOL BRANDS Presentation - Maarten Schafer. & Anouk Pappers - Business Storytelling/Marketing your brand
  • Signature Speech workout - brainstorm, practice & record portions on own device. Get feedback from Robyn, Maarten, & Anouk
  • Hot Seat Opportunities - Practice part of Signature Speech from front of the room.  


Communicating across Differences

  • Different Communication and Leadership Styles
  • Mini DiSC Profile Assessment
  • DiSC Profile Styles likes, dislikes & communication styles  

Communication Formulas:

  • LUVE Formula (Listen, Understand, Validate, Explore) for communicating difficult conversations
  • 3 Rs (Replay, Respond, Request) Formula for giving feedback
  • Interpersonal Communication Practice & Role-play

Stepping into Leadership

  • Mindset Reset
  • What will you commit to changing? Who will keep you accountable?